spector pro - pc surveillance software Instant Messenger Spy Software to Securely & Discreetly Monitor All Computer Activity Including Web Surfing, Chat Rooms, Instant Messages, E-mail and Personal Data Entry! You Have Found The Ultimate Security Software Solution. For Business & Home Use."

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"Software For Instant Messenger Recording"

"AUTOMATICALLY discreetly record EVERYTHING your spouse, children and employees do on your computers including Internet activity, chat rooms, instant messages, websites and more! Only you know it's installed!"
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Over one million users can't be wrong!
Everyone should monitor their computers for peace of mind, security, privacy, & protection! It's better to take a proactive stance then wait until it's too late.

How Risky Is Your Computer Right Now?

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"Find out the TRUTH about anyone's computer activity with Instant Messenger Spy Software. Snapshot Spy secretly records email, chatrooms, instant messages, web surfing, program logs and more! Stays hidden and secured by your own password".
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The Internet and computer use in general is growing by unimaginable numbers every single day. Along with this fantastic growth and opportunity comes increased need for personal security and peace of mind.

Whether you are a parent that needs to monitor their children's computer activity or a fortune 500 partner that needs to monitor thousands of systems...

"Why wonder what's going on behind your back when you can KNOW the TRUTH with Snapshot Spy"

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What drastic event would need to occur before you take your computer systems security seriously? Would you even know in time if it did occur?

Children are taken advantage of daily online.
Do you have the ability to watch over your children's shoulder every second they use a computer?
Employees Steal, Lie and commit crimes.
Computers, networks and the Internet make it even easier for computer criminals to take advantage of your data, time and money!
Pornography & off-limit web sites grow.
You read about it and hear it on the news daily. Problems among businesses and residential computer users alike. Pornography, unauthorized computer access, fraud, abuse etc.. Why even take any chances?

Unfaithful Cheaters are growing.
Online dating networks, instant messages, chat rooms and more are tearing families apart all over the world.

"What you don't know CAN hurt you!"

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Instant Messenger Spy Software
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"Why wonder what's going on behind
your back when you can KNOW the
with Snapshot Spy"

Another Quality Product From Virtual Imagination Inc.

Spector - aol im spy software Even Records Instant Messenger Chat's with Instant Messenger Spy Software Module

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"Parents: Stay involved with your child's net activity without looking over their shoulder."

"Snapshot Spy makes it easy to monitor all computer activity whether you are there or not."

- Protect Your Children
- Eliminate Employee Down-Time
- Monitor Your Office Computers
- Record Everything

Instant Messenger Spy Software

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