BREAKING NEWS: Privacy & Security Threats Continue;
Experts: Snapshot Spy best protection

By Staff Reporter
Philadelphia - Security experts are urging all computer and Internet users to install Snapshot Spy Computer Monitoring Software, Privacy & Security vulnerability and threats are at an all time high. If you are not taking steps to protect your systems data your personal privacy and security may be at serious risk.

Snapshot Spy, street priced at $49.95, is available for instant download online.

See everything being typed on your computer by any person at any time!

  • Who's that "chatting" with your children on the Internet?
  • Are your employees wasting time surfing on porno sites?
  • Is your spouse cheating on you online?
  • Are predators trying to lure your children?
  • Are family members surfing inappropriate websites.
  • Is someone accessing your personal data?

By this time tomorrow, you can know all this and much more with Snapshot Spy.

No one but you will know that Snapshot Spy emails you regular reports of all activity on your computer.

Snapshot Spy Features:

  • Sends reports by email to any address you choose
  • Records every keystroke made in every window, including password protected boxes and website entries.
  • Records all passwords, usernames, and Web pages visited
  • Secretly records chats, emails, instant messages, Hotmail, AOL emails, ICQ chat, Yahoo! chat and AOL chat.
  • Runs completely undetected - no one will know but you.
  • Password protected with built in scheduler.
  • Easy point and click control panel.

Instant Download Now Available

In addition, experts across the industry are pleading users to convey this news to friends and family members in hopes that this will have a global influence and help computer users get on the path to privacy protection & PC security.

Snapshot Spy Computer Monitoring & Security Software
Very easy to use and ideal for recording chats, emails, instant messages and keystrokes. Record Hotmail, AOL emails, Yahoo!, ICQ,  AOL and many more. Records all computer activity discreetly!