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"Securely & Discreetly Monitor All Computer Activity Including Web Surfing, Chat Rooms, Instant Messages, E-mail and Personal Data Entry! You Have Found The Ultimate Security Software Solution. For Business & Home Use."
Computer Monitoring by Email Snapshot Spy Pro


Snapshot Spy Pro: Includes all of the great features that the standard version has but also features "stealth" email capabilities allowing you to monitor a computer by email! Once installed on a system Snapshot Spy Pro will secretly email you the computers text activity logs at pre determined intervals.

Monitor computers by email "Have activity logs sent to any email address you
wish anywhere in the world... all discreetly behind the scenes!"

With Snapshot Spy Pro you will be able to monitor a system from just about anywhere in the world as long as both systems have online connections. Snapshot Spy Pro will send you activity logs at any email address at the times, and days you specify in the email control panel.

Here is a screen shot to show you how simple the
email control panel is to use:

Easy To Use


Password Protected


Highly Configurable

Even Works with DSL and cable modems

Sends All Activity Logs

Sends to any email

Instant Download The Pro Version Here

Now you can monitor your computers log from practically anywhere..
School.. Work.. Vacation, or anywhere you have access to email!

  • Monitor your employees from home or while traveling.
  • Monitor your children from work or while away.
  • Monitor your spouse secretly from another location.
  • Works with your current email address!
  • The possibilities are endless..

Compatible with
Windows 95/98/Me/XP/2000
and higher.

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"Why wonder what's going on behind your back when
you can KNOW the TRUTH with Snapshot Spy"

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"Parents: Stay involved with your child's net activity without looking over their shoulder."

"Snapshot Spy makes it easy to monitor all computer activity whether you are there or not."

- Protect Your Children
- Eliminate Employee Down-Time
- Monitor Your Office Computers
- Record Everything

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