Winter Blahs Become Family Fun
by Sarah Zanger

After spending another dreary winter Sunday with not much to do I decided our family needed an exciting activity. I thought I needed a break from planning dinner so I'd give myself a break and give them an activity.

I told my children that they were in charge of dinner tonight. They'd each need to prepare one part of the meal- their choice. Three of my four children were home and quite excited about the prospect of dinner plans. Even my sixteen year old son, who only gets excited about playing hockey was in to it. My husband wasn't as keen on the idea.

Each of my children started their dinner plans. They ran to the computer to locate good recipes. I sent them to Simply Delicious ( http://Dateable/simplydelicious/) where they found some good recipes. They pulled out cookbooks and ran to find their supplies. Ofcourse, what I thought would be a treat for me turned into a bit of extra work but watching everyone scurrying around the kitchen was fun.

My husband didn't realize I meant business and when he returned to the kitchen I told him if he wanted dinner he too needed to bring something to the meal. He's not much of a cook so he took out our dusty juicemaker and went to work. He used up a good amount of of old fruit and resurrected the use of the juicemaker.

What started out as a boring Sunday became a wonderful way for our family to spend quality time together. The kids learned some new recipes and we're back to using our juicemaker!!

Sarah Zanger is a freelance writer and mother of four. She is an editor at Dateable. Dateable is an exciting online community for singles, couples and romance lovers. Dateable has romantic resources, advice, poetry, message boards, event postings, greeting cards, contests, personals, opinion polls and more. You can visit Dateable at http://Dateable/.

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