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"Securely & Discreetly Monitor All Computer Activity Including Web Surfing, Chat Rooms, Instant Messages, E-mail and Personal Data Entry! You Have Found The Ultimate Security Software Solution. For Business & Home Use."



Automatically and discreetly records ALL computer activity just like a VCR. Even records text & program logs. Pro version can monitor computers from anywhere in the world secretly by email...


(Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania)--Small businesses and computer users worldwide looking to monitor their computers activity can now do so by utilizing a new PC program called Snapshot Spy. This application was developed to fill the need of a growing Internet audience who need to monitor their computer systems activity.

Snapshot Spy automatically and "discreetly" records all computer activity, and allows you to play it back just like a VCR with the click of a mouse. Snapshot Spy PRO has an advanced stealth email feature that allows a user to monitor their systems remotely by email anywhere in the world.

Developed by Virtual Imagination, Inc., Snapshot Spy
for Windows 95/98/ME/2000/NT was designed to help individuals and Small businesses world wide monitor their PC systems.

The program empowers the small business and home computer owner by providing an automated application that monitors every move made on a PC. The one screen configuration is simple enough to use, even for beginning computer users. Snapshot Spy is ideal for the average home PC and Internet user or the largest of corporations. There are a wide variety of situations that call for PC recording especially remote monitoring by email.

With the growing problem of computer fraud and Internet abuse, both in the home and office, there is a strong need for a professional, easy to use monitoring solution. Snapshot Spy has been used by individuals world wide to monitor their computers activity for, fraud, online affairs, pornography and off-limit web browsing, employee computer activity, business monitoring use and more.

"We've been watching and listening to the online community, and there is a series problem around the globe when it comes to unauthorized computer use. From employee monitoring to just keeping an eye on your children's computer use Snapshot Spy is helping individuals word wide, curb unauthorized computer activity. And now with the release of the pro version with stealth email monitoring, users can monitor their system from work, while on vacation, etc. Businesses are now able to monitor any of their PC's that are connected to the net from anywhere in the world" said the company's CEO & President.

Key Product Features:

- Monitors All Computer Activity Even Remotely by Email
- Simple ONE screen configuration for ease of use
- Saves each "session", allows you to play it back like a VCR
- Let's you review activity similar to a VCR. Just hit play and watch.
- Stays hidden in the background, will not show up in the start menu.
- Stealth software does not place icons in your programs menus.
- Saves series of sessions so you can print activity or save to disk.
- Deterrent window available to warn users (can be turned on or off)
- Password protected.
- Records a log of all programs used by time and date..
- Records text logs of all keyboard data entered into a system.
- Advanced file lock and encryption protect your recorded data
- Automatically restarts recording in case of shutdown or power failure

System Requirements:

32 bit version: Windows 95/98/NT/2000/ and Millennium compliant
8 MBs RAM. 486DX or better.
100 MBs of hard drive space.
Y2K Compliant
Internet Connection


- Snapshot Spy: Suggested Retail Price: $99.90

- Pro Version With Discreet Email Monitoring:
Suggested Retail Price: $129.99

Download Available from

Virtual Imagination, Inc., based in Northeast Pennsylvania,
develops software and web applications for small businesses around the globe Virtual Imagination inc.
is a privately held corporation, and has been successful in producing low cost mass appeal products to help businesses and individuals become more productive both on and off-line. Virtual Imagination Inc. also offers custom programming, e-commerce systems and develops complete Internet business models.

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"Parents: Stay involved with your child's net activity without looking over their shoulder."

"Snapshot Spy makes it easy to monitor all computer activity whether you are there or not."

- Protect Your Children
- Eliminate Employee Down-Time
- Monitor Your Office Computers
- Record Everything

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